5 Steps to a Productive Sunday

Sundays are frequently a day of relaxation and even laziness filled with TV and snacking. However, sometimes it is quite useful and rewarding to use one of these lazy days to actually be productive and get a lot of work done to kick-start the week.

Here are 5 steps towards doing just that:

  1. Wake up early – one of the biggest causes of not getting anything done over the weekend (especially in college) is sleeping the day away. Set an alarm and get yourself out of bed, have a good breakfast, and get a jump start on the day!
  2. Get some fresh air – even if you just sit outside for five minutes, getting fresh air can help clear your mind and refresh you, allowing your head to be fully ready to get stuff done.
  3. Set a schedule – even if you don’y follow it exactly, it can be useful to set a rough schedule of the day so you can manage time easier. I find it useful to always jot down a quick one on a piece of scrap paper or post it note and leave it somewhere in sight all day so I don’t lose track of time.
  4. Take time to yourself- taking breaks is not only a good idea but is totally necessary if you want to be productive for a whole day! Taking a quick break to read an old favorite book or give yourself a mani will really refresh and revamp your mind.
  5. Be goal oriented – always think towards the goals you want to accomplish during the day and how happy you will be once you reach them. After a productive day I know I always feel proud of the goals I achieved that night as I go to bed.

While some may see Sundays as a day of rest, they are also a great chance to get a lot done. Having a day full of productivity not only makes your upcoming week easier but makes you feel good about yourself!


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