Weekend Snacks

Ahh! The weekend! A great time to kick back and relax, have fun, catch up on sleep, and get stuff done (if, and only if, you so choose).

The weekend can be described as a time of indulgence, since it’s the best and most common time for everyone to eat, drink, and be merry. It is a break from work, school, and obligations.

So, when would be a better time for a delicious snack? Half the time during the week we are all too busy to eat meals, let alone snack, so on the weekend we should take full advantage of this leisure time and dig in!

Here are some of my favorite weekend snacks to indulge in:

  1. Goldfish – these baked crackers come in so many flavors and I find myself so addicted to them. My favorites are the original, cheddar, and parmesan flavors, and I also love the 100 calorie packs.
  2. Granola bars – granola bars are a great snack when you’re on the go or just lounging and looking for something quick. I’m a big fan of the Quaker Oates 100 calorie bars which come in several flavors, ranging from peanut butter to chocolate chip.
  3. Microwave popcorn – Popcorn is one of the greatest snacks of all time, especially when you’re relaxing watching TV or a movie. There are tons of different flavors and variations of this treat, from the low fat ones which surprisingly taste good to extra butter. I’m a big kettle corn fan!
  4. Chips and salsa – this snack doesn’t only taste good but is filling and has health benefits. Spicy foods like salsa can raise your metabolism, and not to mention this tastes great!
  5. Froyo- Like the rest of the world, I love froyo. It seems like a million frozen yogurt shops have opened around Quinnipiac, and I can’t say I’m mad about it! The great thing about this snack is that you can add healthy or not so healthy toppings to it and you’re getting the taste of ice cream but being healthier.

What are your favorite snacks to nibble on when you’re feeling indulgent?


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