Rabbit, Rabbit!

A tradition I’ve followed since I was in fourth grade has followed me through college and even spread to some of my friends! It’s a simple yet surprisingly fun thing to do, and as a bonus it’s supposed to give you good luck.

 As you’re surely asking yourself what this tradition is, I’m more than happy to share it with you. On the first day of each month, right when I wake up I am always sure to say, “rabbit, rabbit!”.

 I know this seems totally weird, but legend says that if those are your first spoken words on the first day of a new month, you will have good luck for the next 30 days.

 When I was little, I would write little notes and leave them on my nightstand reminding me to say this when I woke up on the first of every new month. Now, I set it as my wake-up alarm on my phone. Many of my friends and my sister usually text me on the last day of the month reminding me to say it the next morning.

 Some people believe in saying “rabbit” once before going to sleep and then “rabbit” once on the morning of the first, but I’ve always said it both times in the morning, even when I’m up past midnight.

 Who knows if this saying holds any luck at all, but it always puts me in a positive mindset for the fresh start of a new month!

 Maybe now you will start saying this each month, too.

 Happy November, everyone!


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