Books on My Shelf: Megan McCafferty

Books that I read a long time ago but still love today are by the underrated author Megan McCafferty.

 From Sloppy Firsts to Perfect Fifths, her Jessica Darling series is nothing short of amazing. The main character is witty, smart, and funny but also relatable – struggling through her adolescent years and all that comes with them, including issues with friends, family, school, and of course, relationships.

And, if you can’t quite relate to the main character, Jessica, there are many others that all differ greatly from each other yet go together seamlessly. Surely, you’ll find someone to relate to and fall in love with the story line as it goes along.

 The story line is fast-paced, unexpected, and always interesting. I never got bored during this series and highly recommend it to anyone of high school or college age, or even older!

As these novels are a little less recent, McCafferty has written newer novels called Bumped and Thumped which I can’t wait to snuggle up and dive into on a rainy day!

Put on your favorite fleece PJs, grab some hot chocolate (with whipped cream, of course) and enjoy this uh-may-zing series!


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