Halloween Reflections

I hope everyone had a great Halloween filled with sweets, treats, and maybe a few clever tricks!

I’m not really into college Halloween celebrations…parading around dressed like a slut just isn’t for me. It seems to be nothing more than an overrated holiday, now.

However, Halloween growing up was always so much fun! I wish I could be little again, with my hand stitched costumes, endless supply of candy, and overall excitement over the holiday. When you’re a kid there really is very little that compares to the excitement of carving a jack-o-lantern face onto a pumpkin, going door-to-door yelling “trick or treat!” with all your friends, or having a Halloween party in your class. I mean, what could be better than good old Halloweentown and Under Wraps on a Friday night, kickin’ back watching the Disney channel? I know…not much.

I was definitely a weird child with very strange Halloween costume choices. One year I was a kangaroo (of all animals!) and another I was a Beanie Baby…with pockets all over the costume to hold my favorites. There is a hilarious picture of me as a kangaroo (my Grammy made the costume for me) but to save myself from embarrassment I’ve opted not to share it.

Regardless of what you dressed up as, there is nothing more fun than Halloween as a child, except maybe remembering it today!

What was your favorite childhood Halloween costume? Don’t be embarrassed, mine were pretty…eccentric!

how cute was my sister as a little pooh bear?



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