Words of the Week: Sunshine

After the events of Hurricane Sandy, I thought this was the perfect quote for this week.

It is one of my favorites because it is simply impossible to have all good days. Some days are just going to be bad by nature. Maybe you’ll forget things, do poorly on a test, get in a fight with someone you love, or encounter unkindness. Maybe large-scale things will go wrong in your life or maybe the unexpected will happen.

Whatever it is, though, it is important to create your own sunshine. Even on the worst of days, you still have it better than someone else. And even on the worst of days, there is always something to smile about, laugh about, and be thankful for.

The past few days, with the hurricane going on, there was literally no sunshine. It was a time of uncertainty and fear, but being able to have my sister with me made it so much better and actually fun. Although we were stuck in my dorm, we still laughed and had a lot of fun, and realized that we have it so much better than so many of those that have been left without a home or power.

Creating your own sunshine is something that is challenging – for everyone. There are always days you don’t have the energy, motive, or yearn to make your own happiness and fun. However, happiness is a daily choice that at time takes effort but it never ceases to be worth it.

Make your own sunshine today! Smile, laugh, and never forget to be thankful!


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