Fall Baking: Apples to Apples

This past week I went apple picking, which is one of my favorite fall activities! It was so difficult to just find and open orchard, since the apples were so ahead of schedule this year.

 Finally, we found one though! Phew. The foliage and scenery was awesome and the orchard was beautiful and not to mention huge. And…there were tons of apples! We picked and picked and picks to our hearts’ content.

I sampled (oopsies!) the red ida’s while picking and they were so succulent, juicy, and delicious I decided to stay with those. I got around eight apples to bake with and waited all week to bake something fabulous for fall!

So when I was home today, with my mom’s help we made an apple pie with an apple crumble topping for my grandparents, since they came home from Florida today and my grandpa simply can’t go without dessert.

With the left over apples I decided to try making an apple crisp. I’d never made one before and just used the easy-peasy Betty Crocker recipe. It was a cinch and came out great! Highly recommend trying for Thanksgiving time!

Now that you know some of mine, are your favorite fall apple recipes?

yummy, yummy in my tummy!


2 thoughts on “Fall Baking: Apples to Apples

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