With Hurricane Sandy coming our way, I might be looking at lots of lounging time. That can only mean one thing…lots and lots of time spent in my pajamas.

I love to be in my pajamas, they are so comfy and cozy. I have floral ones, flannel ones, fleece ones, Christmas ones…even sorority embellished ones! I have drawers full of pajamas and I love wearing all of them (preferably with fuzzy socks on and a mug of coffee in hand).

I’ve been shopping around for some great pajamas pants. Currently, the J.Crew Factory has adorable ones in cheetah print, polka dots, and a snowflake pattern.

I also found a charming set with butterflies on it from Gap.

Additionally, Garnet Hill has some cute flannel bottoms in a floral or plain print.

Finally, I love this Betsey Johnson cheetah set! So fun!

The great thing about PJs is that you can find fun ones almost anywhere! Old Navy always has great ones and I find cute ones at Marshall’s and TJ Maxx sometimes too!

Have fun in your jammies this weekend! I know I will!

love that drawing of the woman in her PJ set!



3 thoughts on “Jammies!

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