I’m more than aware that I am beyond late on this addiction, but I’m now loving Pretty Little Liars.

 I know, I know. Most people have been obsessed with this show for a while. I know I’m hardly the one to discover this show.

 I mean, I can’t really keep up with TV shows when I’m at school. I barely even know the channels here besides Bravo and E! (my television staples!). Thus, I was never able to get into PLL because I missed the first few episodes and after that I was completely lost.

 So now I’ve started watching it instantly on Netflix (no commercials!) and I Can’t. Stop. Watching.

 It is so suspenseful and really scary! Am I the only one that gets really freaked out by the title sequence?!?

 With that said, I’m finally wondering who the mysterious A is and can’t wait to see what happens next on PPL. Spencer is my favorite, with her over-achiever persona and I have to say I love how she seems to always have a coffee in her hand!

 I don’t think I’ll be able to catch up enough to watch current episodes when they air, since I’m still in the beginning of season one.

 But I’m still enjoying it, even if it causes me to need to sleep with the lights on.

 I’m also thinking of reading the series by Sara Shepard that the books are based on, because I hear they’re really good and different that the TV show, and we all know how I love teen series.



2 thoughts on “PLL

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