Being Nice

As much as I love Quinnipiac, there have been times when I have found it difficult to understand why everyone cant just be nice. I mean, why doesn’t everyone simply hold the door or say thank you when someone does it for them?

Furthermore, after being the president of my sorority, I had much to reflect on when it comes to being nice. That experience totally taught me the value of simple acts of kindness, big or small.

There were days during my presidency when I was stressed, busy, and overwhelmed all at the same time. Undoubtedly, there were people during these times who were rude, impatient, and sometimes downright mean. But those aren’t the instances I dwell on.

Instead, I specifically (and lovingly) remember a sister telling me I looked nice or a friend asking if I was okay and genuinely taking the time to listen to my answer. I remember things as simple as strangers taking the time to hold the door for me. Those acts of kindness made a challenging time so much easier.

 As cliche as it sounds, being nice can turn someone’s day around. You never know what someone else is gong through. Everyone has struggles – just different degrees of them. Everyone is busy and everyone has days where they’re down or just in a bad mood. Even when it’s difficult be nice to everyone you encounter. Smile at everyone you see. Make it a point to always say please and thank you to anyone who does anything for you – the caf workers, the shuttle drivers, your professors. In class or at work, give someone a genuine compliment. When you see someone struggling, offer whatever help to them that you can. Be a friend and offer your kindness to even the most unexpected of recipients.

We often-times forget to realize that it’s easier and self-fulfilling to be kind. Being nice won’t just make others feel good…but will make you feel good about you.

change someone’s day – be nice!


One thought on “Being Nice

  1. This is why I love my sorority’s sisterhood! So many people care about what’s going on in my life. Just simple things like remembering that I have a test coming up, wishing me good luck, and following up on how it went make every day a little brighter.

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