Preppy Product: KJP

This week, I wanted to showcase one of my favorite preppy products to wear during the fall. My Kiel James Patrick bracelet is totally preppy, unique, and adorable…all around a great accessory to have! This nautical brand is not to be overlooked, that’s for sure.

I have gotten so many compliments on this bracelet. To be honest, there are certain times I simply don’t want to share with people where I get things like clothes, jewelry, bags, and so on because people can be such copy cats…and that’s one of my pet peeves. I love being original and finding your own sense of style, after all!

However, this is one product I can’t help but brag about. And the best thing about it is that they come in so many designs, colors, and patterns that you don’t need to worry about people getting the same one as you!

Although they don’t make the exact design I have anymore, I have one of the Cambreshire Dunes bracelets. But like I said, there are tons to choose from if you take a look at the site.

Besides these bracelets being so fashionable and unique, they are also so convenient. They have a cute button closure and they also come in different sizes, which I love since I have such trouble finding bracelets that aren’t too big for my wrist.

 These are high-quality products manufactured in America and I recommend purchasing one for yourself! They’re fun, cute, and will last you forever! Plus, you’ll get a million compliments!

PS – They’re unisex…you know what that means? A girlie one for you and a masculine style for your guy!

don’t you love the styles?


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