Monday Getaway!

Wow, this weekend passed by way too quickly! Where does the time go, especially on Sundays?!? I feel like one second it’s 10am and the next it’s 4pm. So crazy.

Anyways, it’s Monday again, and so begins a new week. A week filled with meetings, tests, quizzes, and papers. Not that I’m complaining…I love school. However, I am known to get a case of the Mondays now and again.

And what’s a better way to combat the Monday blues than dreaming of a tropical getaway?

You’ll come to realize I’m a big fan of the beach. This week, I am wishing I could escape to…

Hilton Head Island!

I’ve been to Hilton Head with great friends and my family. The resort and beach were beautiful and there was a preppy feel to the island. The best part was that it wasn’t even too far from home, just a quick plane ride away!

The island is completely picturesque, and I surely wouldn’t mind sitting on that beach right now with a good book!

I know many people that love Hilton Head, and even know people who built a huge house there and love living on the island. What are your thoughts on Hilton Head? Where do you wish you were vacationing right now?



2 thoughts on “Monday Getaway!

  1. Josh here from the BlinkPacking blog. My family and I just enjoyed a fantastic trip to Hilton Head for Thanksgiving. Instead of dreaming about it, you should just go! I have learned some tricks about how to be creative with transportation, food, and lodging to make these trips happen on a budget — usually about $100 a day including EVERYTHING. I wish you all the best with your blogging and your travels. Cheers!

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