A Girly Necessity

There is something so appealing to me about cosmetic cases. Maybe because it makes organizing easier or because it is so easy to use them for traveling purposes and every day life.

They come in all different shapes and sizes. Colors and patterns. Materials and prices.  These are such a common item but I consider them highly important in the life of a girl.

Anyways, there are so many different cosmetic choices out there and some are far more superior to others. Here are some of the best I’ve found:

  1. Vera Bradley (top left)- I’m sure you’re familiar with Vera Bradley and the array of colorful patterns of their bags and accessories. I’m a huge Vera fan, especially when it comes to traveling. They have three sizes of cosmetics cases and a circular “Home and Away” cosmetics case. I love the large case to use for my everyday makeup, the medium for travel, and the small to stick in my purse or school bag for “on the go” kits like chap stick, band aids, and so on. They’re also lined on the inside which is great.
  2. Lilly Pulitzer (top right) – my sister has this exact makeup bag and it is awesome! Besides the adorable pattern, it is a super sturdy case with inside pockets for convenience.
  3. Scout (bottom left) – this is another cosmetic case my sister has, except in leopard print (she has everything). If you know anything about Scout bags, they’re totally durable, can stand water, and super light. This makeup case is no exception! It will last forever. I love the simplicity of this purple and white striped one.
  4. Monogrammed (bottom center) – these waffle-material monogrammed cases can be purchased from many places. This particular one is from Preppy Monogrammed Gifts, which is an online store that I highly recommend. Their customer service and quality is unmatched. You can get these in a variety of color combinations, monogram styles, and choose whether or not you want a bow on it (I love the bow!). These are soft and adorable, a great choice for your makeup to make a home out of!
  5. Pottery Barn (bottom right) – the Vilamoura makeup case is nothing short of the ultimate pick when on-the-go. It has tons of zippered pockets on the inside allowing for super organization. Also from PB, the velvet cases are a great gift, and can be monogrammed in a variety of styles.

Now that you’ve heard some of mine, what are your favorite ways to store your makeup and cosmetics?


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