Sister Time

For as long as I can remember, my sister has been my best friend. She is one of the only people I’d tell everything and I have so much fun with her. We have a million memories that we love to laugh about and I can’t wait for the millions more to come. I visited my sister  at her college last night and had so much fun meeting her new friends and spending time with her. I can’t believe she’s already a freshmen in college and I’m so excited for her new adventure.

Kimberly and I are definitely very weird siblings. We have a ritual called, “silly hour” where we act like absolute fools and embarrass ourselves and also go out of our way to annoy my mom. I remember once Kim was standing on a chair yelling, “I don’t speak mom language!” anytime my mom would say something. Another time, in the grocery store, we wouldn’t stop putting random items in our carriage and giggling, much to our amusement and my mom’s dismay.

Growing up, I remember my dad always telling me that my sister was my best friend, and for some of my younger years I didn’t believe him. I had friends from my classes that would come over and when Kim would try to hang out with us, it would annoy me. Surely the girls I went to school with were my best friends, or at least I thought.

But as I grew up I began to realize how special it is to have a sister. Sister time is one of my all-time favorite ways to spend my time, because I can be myself with her and have so much fun. She knows everything about me and loves me anyway, has been there for me through triumphs and failures, good times and bad.

For a long time, I’ve considered myself very lucky for the very close relationship my sister and I have. I watch other siblings that constantly fight and simply don’t appreciate the gift that a brother or sister is in one’s life. Having such an amazing sibling relationship has made me a better person, a better friend, and a better sorority sister.

A sister is a best friend  you will never get rid of, and I’m so lucky to have Kimberly as my permanent best friend.


6 thoughts on “Sister Time

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