Relaxation Aids

Okay, so relaxing is something I totally don’t know how to do. I hate doing nothing and I love being productive. Even when I know my body really needs it, I have such a hard time just being still. I am all about multi-tasking, so learning how to relax has been a slow and difficult process for me.

However, there are several things that help me relax on a regular basis. Here are 5 relaxation aids for anyone that can’t sit still:


  1. Bravo – I am completely addicted to watching almost all Bravo shows. I’m completely infatuated with the Real Housewives (except for the Atlanta edition) and Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen is a half an hour of pure bliss. Watching Bravo is probably one of my favorite things to do, and has been since back in the day when they aired NYC Prep.
  2. Self-manicures – doing my nails makes me feel clean, pretty, and relaxed. I get so much joy out of picking the perfect color from my box of polishes and I love how shiny and neat my nails look afterwards. My favorite fall colors are Essie’s “Raspberry Red” and OPI’s “Schnapps Out of It”.
  3. Young Adult series – I often times find myself embarrassed purchasing books labeled “Age 14 and up” when I am actually 21. Then, I realize that I look no where near my age, as people constantly remind me upon finding out how old I am. Anyways, as weird as it is, I get so much pleasure in reading about high school dramas found in easy-reads like The Clique, Private, and The A-List. They are so quick and just immature enough to be totally enjoyable.
  4. Hot showers – I have to admit that usually I am NOT a fan of showers. I just see them as wasted time and I hate brushing my hair after because it gets so knotty. But, after a long day a hot shower is a great place to unwind and reflect on the day.  Using my favorite Bath & Body Works scented soaps have a way of relaxing my mind and calming me down.
  5. Country music – I love putting on Pandora and listening to country music. One of my favorite parts of the day is doing it on the shuttle from one campus to another at school because it is totally relaxing. So many of the songs talk about my favorite things like love and family and the simple things of life. That really puts things into perspective for me, allowing me to forget about whatever silly drama I have going on and remember how incredibly lucky I am.

As hard as it may be for me to relax, I always feel so much better after I do it. Even finding small moments of tranquility provides me with an all-around happier attitude and more productive day.

What are your favorite things to do to relax?


6 thoughts on “Relaxation Aids

  1. This post fits me so well! When I need to relax, I like to go on a long run followed by a long, hot shower. Sometimes, the night before a big test I do my nails to get my mind off of everything for a bit. My favorite young adult series: the O.C. It is the simply the best.

    I just have one to add: facials! I love doing a mud mask that makes my skin feel so fresh afterwards.

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