Beautiful QU

Today was a beautiful New England fall day, with the sun shining and mild temperatures allowing me to comfortably wear my Vineyard Vines fleece.

Here at Quinnipiac, there are two residential campuses: Mt. Carmel for freshmen and sophomores and York Hill for upperclassmen. While many of my friends have moved off-campus for senior year, I’m still here at York, and overall, I’m really happy about it. After all, this is the last chance I’ll ever get to live in a college dorm, which is kind of sad!

Anyways, Quinnipiac truly is a picturesque school, especially right now during the peak of fall foliage. The view from York Hill is spectacular, and today walking from the student center I couldn’t help but think about how lucky I’ve been to not only experience it but live here, enjoying it every single day. Just the same, the view of Sleeping Giant Mountain from main campus is breath-taking.

I wanted to share with you some beautiful pictures of the Quinnipiac campus. Some taken by me, the rest taken by others.

I’m so lucky to go to such a great school (Quinnipiac was recently named the #1 up-and-coming school in the northeast!) but such a beautiful school filled with so many great people.



6 thoughts on “Beautiful QU

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