Words of the Week

I’ve always been a big believer in quotes. I even have a quote journal I’ve kept since I was in middle school, with quotes I’ve found in books, on websites, and collected here and there.

I love the power quotes have to inspire you, bring tears to your eyes or a smile to your face, or simply make you think. Everyone has quotes that they can just relate to in some special way.

Here are the words of the week I keep referring to right now:

I am not the biggest fan of change, and am slowly but surely learning how to accept it on a more regular basis. I have been through so much change in the past year, and often times I feel overwhelmed by how incredibly crazy my life has been.

This quote is a great reminder that change isn’t only necessary but is a good thing! Without change, nothing would ever move forward, and I wouldn’t have so many of the great people, things, and opportunities that I am lucky enough to have now.

What are your favorite words to live by this week?


4 thoughts on “Words of the Week

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