Kid Movies

After watching Halloweentown this weekend with my sister (and loving every minute of it!) in the spirit of the fall, I took some time to reflect on how much I love movies that I have…shall I say…should have outgrown. Long ago. Since I’m now 21.

As embarrassing as it may be, I love movies that were made for a much younger crowd. I could watch movies like Halloweentown every day, and easily be happy. Seriously! Is it a problem that half of the choices on my Netflix Instant Queue are from the “Just for kids” section? Maybe…but I can’t say I particularly care.

Some other made-for-kid movies that I can watch over and over again with popcorn, my pillow pet, and some chocolate are:

The Lizzie McGuire Movie

The Santa Claus Movies

The Game Plan

Nancy Drew

Anything Mary-Kate and Ashley


What are your favorite movies that you should have outgrown long ago?


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